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Hot Towel Shave

by Webmaster on October 25, 2010

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Hot towel application

Here at the Valet, we are most famous for our Deluxe Hot Towel Signature Treatment. The treatment consists of a gents wash/cut and scalp massage, followed by a full deluxe wet shave, to include four hot towels.

The whole process takes approximately 1 hour 20 minutes to include the hair treatment and facial. Our process is followed by applications of two hot lathers to the face, using Italian Proraso specially formulated creams (with extracts of Aloe & Green Tea to be extra kind to the skin) and applied, of course, with a pure Badger hair brush. Note: We also offer menthol hot towels for customers carrying a cold, a great way to clear sinuses and a stuffy nose whilst taking a hot towel shave. Your Barber will ask you your towel scent preference on arrival.

Try our brand new Baxter of California Hot Towel Services

There are three options to choose from – The Californian Facial, The Californian Hot Towel Shave and the Californian Signature package. The Californian treatments include the use of Baxter of California products – read more here.

Mens Californian Facial

The Californian Facial

The Californian Facial

This treatment begins with a light steam that is pumped onto the face, a cleanser massaged into skin with the use of finger tips and warm sponges, a facial scrub of Almonds and Walnut powder, a detoxifying face mask featuring Bentonite and kaolin clay to remove impurities, and botanical extracts like avocado oil and aloe vera to moisturize, soothe and hydrate deep within the skin. Skin is smooth and revitalized in less than 10 minutes, followed by Herbal Mint Toner and an Oil free moisturiser. This facial includes the use of a steam machine, hot towels, warm sponges and lots of massage. For full details of the ingredients and the step by step process carried out read here. Carries a treatment time of 35 minutes

The Californian Hot Towel Shave

This treatment begins with a our classic hot towel shave, followed by a Californian Facial – There’s plenty of pampering, steam, hot towels and quality products applied. This service carries a treatment time of 60 minutes. Known on the menu as the ‘Californian Hot Towel‘.

Baxter of California Products

Baxter of California Products

The Californian Signature Package

This package includes a full GQ hair restyle with a scalp treatment, a Classic Hot Towel shave, followed by a Californian Facial. The treatment time for this service is 90 minutes and carries a massive amount of personal attention, a glass Chivas Regal, a cold beer, or a selection of machine filtered whipped coffee.


Open razor wet shave

A barber wet shaves a customer with open razorThis is then followed by the application of Proraso Menthol & Eucalyptus anti-irritation cream, which acts as an undercoat to guarantee that extra sensitive smooth shave. Then two steamy hot towels, enriched in lemon cologne. The face is then ready for that extra close, open razor shave to leave your skin feeling youthful. On completion of the shave you will receive a further towel, tepid this time, to close the pores. With the Deluxe service we will omit the last tepid towel and in place massage the face using a geranium gel which is massaged deep into the skin, that is then left to set.

We will then steam the faces to fully open the pores before applying two further hot double wrapped towels to sweat the face and pores of any dirt and grease, each towel being removed gently whilst wiping the face clean to remove excess grime. The Geranium sets and, together with steam, this helps to easily extract dirt from the pores, leaving your face feeling totally cleansed and your complexion glowing.  We will then close your pores with a final tepid towel and apply an almond moisturiser to replenish the skin.

Hot towel shave with open razor London

Hot towel shave with open razor

The process is then finished off with a splash of fine cologne. Signature treatments include a complimentary glass of red or white wine, a cold beer or simply a coffee of your choice. Hot Towel treatments are also available without hair treatments. See our menu of treatments for Hot Towels & Head shaves.

See our Menu of Treaments page for hot towel shave pricing.